Yes, I am a fallen angel.

A Cherubim trapped in a human body because I got pissed off at God for giving man a soul.

Now, I’m a man, a woman…with a soul…relying on Jesus to get me back home.

Dis Witch Is A Bad Bitch

Am I grandiosely manic right now or just a fucking badass?  I always put out this one street light next to my house.  It has been noticed by others, without provocation.

Tonight, I walked the other way and put another street light out.

My Mimi could never wear a watch, because they’d go dead as soon as they were strapped to her wrist.

Hey Your Honor

How bout before anyone thinks to open their mouth and use their small rudder to chop and judge someone to bits they ask themselves first, “Now, wait…am I sure this person isn’t weird cause they were fucked by their dad or mom as a child?  Was I ever fucked by one of my parents as a child?” And if you weren’t, then how could you even know what it’s like to be someone who has and even in your wildest imagination, could YOU REALLY IMAGINE IT?….WOULD YOU EVEN WANT TO?  Does anyone realize how much this goes on and on?  Did you know even your bff in the whole wide world who you thought you knew everything about could have been fucked by a parent, or two ….and I do mean LITERALLY FUCKED…not at all saying I was, but….is there any fucking compassion left for anyone, anymore?  Does anyone think before they speak anymore?